Kaya Storage Basket With Lid

Kaya Storage Basket With Lid

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This item is MADE TO ORDER - please allow up to 4 weeks to arrive.

Beiige Store works with talented local artisans in Ghana to hand craft authentic products using natural materials only. They have a strong belief in quality and care and want to make products to suit a wide range of people. They believe in traditional production and our aim with our collections is to support small local businesses in Ghana.

Beiige products are made with love and craftsmanship. The rattan used are naturally grown. Beiige do not use big factories, instead, they work with Ernest at his local outdoor workshop in Ghana. There, the products are made with love and craftsmanship. The rattan used are naturally grown!

Did you know that before the rattan can be used and transformed into beautiful products for Beiige, it has to naturally dry out in the sun! And depending on the weather this process can take 2-5 days?

A storage basket hand woven from start to finish.

-Natural in colour

-Made to order

-Shipping from Ghana to the UK estimated at 2-3 weeks

-Due to handmade nature, dimensions and colours may differ slightly

-No assembly required

- Shipping from Ghana is included in the pricing. This product costs £53 to ship.

Delivery Times
Once each piece is made it takes 3-5 days to arrive in the UK from Ghana.
Postage Amount
Postage and packaging is calculated in the overall pricing of each item.
Other Important Notes
The time scale for each order differs on the size on the item, the quantity and the work load we have. We estimate 2 - 3 weeks for smaller items to be made and sent and 4-6 for larger items.