Afro-Luxe is a term coined by Untapped Creatives and is used to describe the growing trend of art that illuminates the opulence and elegance of Africa and Black people across the diaspora. Black representation in the media has long been attached to stories of trauma or struggle. ‘Afro-Luxe’ is an attempt to change that narrative by highlighting stories of success, freedom and creativity. The Black community is multifaceted, and our stories should reflect the wonderful tapestry of our experience. The Afro-Luxe Concept is a home for that rich tapestry.

Beauty in the Home

A natural and fresh blend of zesty lime, lemongrass and subtle floral undertones. Lemongrass is a fresh and light scent. Whereas, Persian Lime is much dryer, lighter and sweeter. This powerful scent is perfect for releasing stress.


Sudanese Art

Handcrafted leather bag (Spanish leather) using ancient North African weaving techniques. The perfect day to night handbag.


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