Symbols of Olokun Luxury Silk Cushion

Symbols of Olokun Luxury Silk Cushion

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Original Femi Creatives art work on luxury silk artisan cushion. This design has been sold in House of Fraser.

Luxurious 16" sq silk cushion
Elegant rope braid trim
Feather padding
Printed in full colour on both sides
Handmade to order in London, UK

About the design - symbols of Olokun
In the print is the spiritual symbol for Olokun. Olokun (UK and the US), Olóòkun (Yoruba spelling) or Olocún (Latin America) is the owner of the oceans – Olo (meaning owner) and Okun (meaning oceans). In Yoruba mythology, it is said that he was the first spirit to inhabit the earth, before all the other orishas. His role within the relationship to the orisha is “awo” (the mysteries of nature) during the Maafa (in Latin America), or what is sometimes referred to as the “time of sorrows”, referring to the trans-Atlantic slave trade or Middle Passage, thus making him the patron orisha of descendants of the Africans carried away during the slave trade.

Olokun also signifies unfathomable wisdom: the specific instinct that there is something worth knowing, perhaps more than can ever be learned, especially the spiritual sciences that most people spend a lifetime pondering. He also governs material wealth, psychic abilities, dreaming, meditation, mental health and water-based healing. Olokun is one of many orisha known to help women who desire children. He is also worshiped by those that seek political and social ascension, which is why Heads of State, royalty, entrepreneurs and socialites often turn to Olokun to not only protect their reputations, but propel them further among the ranks of their peers.

His symbols are all to do with the ocean and everything in it. He is also often seen with a trident made of bones of the great fishes!


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