Green Sandlewood Comb

Green Sandlewood Comb

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Ori Lifestyle understands hair and know that damage from traditional ridges in plastic combs can cumulate and lead to damaged strands.

Their Green Sandalwood comb is exquisitely handcrafted and hand-polished.

The comb has a smooth finish that is completely seamless, anti-static and it wouldn’t snag. It is designed to glide through your hair smoothly and delicately.

Wooden combs also distribute oils and creams evenly throughout your hair.

And of course, the bonus is in the scent! It smells divine.

How to care:

  • Avoid soaking in water.
  • The preferred method is to clean your comb with oil. Using oil to clean your wooden comb will keep it conditioned too. So add a little oil to a soft cloth and give it a good wipe down. Go in between the teeth too with a toothbrush or a cloth.
  • Your wooden hair comb can last a lifetime if properly cared for.


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