Isaiah's Extraordinary Mum

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Meet Isaiah, a smart and cool 2-year-old with a great big smile and an even bigger love for his mother, Desriee. Isaiah describes his adventures with his mum as they go to the park, dance to music, and laugh and play together. Desriee is fun, kind, and always there for Isaiah, and this book celebrates the unbreakable bond between mothers and their children.

Join Isaiah as he shares just how much he adores his mum, and discover the extraordinary joys that they share together. This book encourages children to notice and appreciate the love and connection they have with their own mothers, and celebrates the cultural differences that make each mother-child bond unique.

This heartwarming story celebrates the love and unbreakable bond between mothers and their children, and is a must-read for any child looking to appreciate and celebrate the special relationship they have with their mum.

Cover type: Hardback 


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