Bliss Perineal Spray
Bliss Perineal Spray
Bliss Perineal Spray
Bliss Perineal Spray

Bliss Perineal Spray

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Bliss Perineal Spray is a true saviour in both postpartum self-care and perineal healing. Bliss perineal healing spray has been formulated using the purest Roman Chamomile, a delicate yet powerful botanical identified by midwives centuries ago for its unequivocally calming, soothing and moisturising properties. 

This simple but effective perineal spray works quickly and naturally to ease soreness and tenderness you following the rigours of natural childbirth.  A postpartum period is the time when you are most in need of care, patience and post-birth understanding. Also great to facially refresh you in labour!

For use by all postpartum mothers but especially useful to mothers with fairer or sensitive skin. Ideal for calming irritated skin and skin tissue.


100% Roman Chamomile


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